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How Do Sleep Meds Work?

Although there are various types of Sleep Meds, they all tend to have the same effect by assisting the brain in entering a sleep state. Sleeping Pills vary in potency and chemical composition. Some of them contain a chemical called melatonin, which your brain produces naturally, but as we get older or due to stress-related reasons, our bodies may start to produce less of this chemical.


Melatonin is produced when the photoreceptors in your eyes detect darkness, and when this does not happen (for example, for people who work long rotational shifts), it may lead to trouble sleeping. Melatonin is available over the counter and can be found in various products that aim to assist in relaxation and leisure. There are also sedative-hypnotics available in the herbal variety, and these over the counter Sleep Meds are usually derived from various roots and plants, such as the valerian plant, which has been helping individuals relax since before the age of modern medicine. The oils of these plants can be extracted and infused into various teas, aroma oils and medications, which relax your brain through the manipulation of your neuroreceptors.

First generation antihistamines are also relatively common in relieving sleep difficulties, anxiety and nausea by subduing the body's physical stress responses. Although, long-term usage of these meds are discouraged as the human body tends to build up a tolerance easily to these particular sleeping Pills. Lastly, of all the sedative-based Sleep Meds, the most frequently used and generally most effective are benzodiazepine, non-benzodiazepine and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) Pills. These sedative-hypnotics function in a similar manner, which is by increasing the concentration of the neurochemicals in the brain, and that ultimately induces a restful state.

How Long Do Sleep Meds Last?

  • Strong Sleep Meds work by relaxing your mind, but the way in which specific sleep medications achieve this intent can vary, however they all accomplish the same goal and that is to help one sleep.
  • As per reviews via WebMD, the duration which sleeping Pills can last for depends on the category into which they fall. For example, most prescription sleep medications under the benzodiazepine class, tend to last between six and eight hours or eight to twelve hours - depending on the dosage administered.
  • Medications which contain diphenhydramine on the other hand, can last between four and six hours, and these pills tend to target the histamine receptors in the brain. As previously stated, these medications are not effective as a long-term solution because the body develops tolerance to them quickly.

How Long Do Sleep Meds Take to Kick In?

One should keep in mind that sleep meds do not work instantaneously. In fact, most prescription Sleep Meds start to work about an hour after they have been taken. This duration is also dependent on the Sleep Meds dosage, as per guidelines set out by the EU National Health Services (NHS).

There are a number of natural and herbal medications that take significantly longer to have an effect, and whereas these therapeutics tend to help you relax, they may not directly induce sleep as sleep medications do. Therefore, if you have tried an over the counter sleeping aid and are still suffering from an inability to sleep, you should contact a trusted physician for a prescription sleep medication.

Should I Take Sleep Meds for Insomnia?

  • Millions of people use sleeping pills for insomnia. However, one should always keep in mind that sleep meds, such as sedatives and supplements, do not in any way cure insomnia.
  • In fact, physicians such as Dr Kathleen Romito, have reviewed a study, by the university of Michigan, which specifically indicates that sleep medications in general (whether prescription or otherwise) can often assist in helping individuals to fall asleep and stay asleep in the short-term.
  • In order to conquer sleeping disorders and regain a healthy sleeping pattern, as well as eradicate the symptoms of insomnia, individuals must first tackle the facets of their lifestyles that contribute to the aforementioned condition.
  • In essence, when you order sleep meds online, it is ultimately the responsibility of the individual using the medication to exploit the reprieve granted by this therapeutics. Furthermore, it is recommended that you assess the aspects of your life causing stress and which are ultimately contributing to the sleep disorder, and finally resolve these too.

Do Sleep Meds Work for Anxiety?

There are a number of Sleep Meds online that can be used for both anxiety and sleeping disorders as well, as one condition is often the cause of the other. While certain anxiety medications that consist of SSRIs and SNRIs (serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors) can make the symptoms of anxiety more manageable by limiting the amount of serotonin your neuroreceptors are able to reabsorb, they are not used for the sole purpose of inducing sleep. This is because they do not specifically manipulate chemicals, such as melatonin, which induce a sleep state in individuals. SSRIs and SNRIs can be used to ease the mind of the patient and this state of calm and relaxation may be inductive to sleep.

Although stress and anxiety are the core problems most people face with sleep disorders, anxiety medications are not appropriate if the goal is to acquire a good night's sleep. This is because anxiety meds can sometimes take weeks to see results. However, sleep therapeutics may be effective at relieving the symptoms of anxiety and stress. Older individuals are cautioned when using these medications, for anxiety or for better sleep, as they are prone to enhanced Sleep Meds side effects. However, even the best sleeping Pills can lead to adverse effects with any patient if the usage instructions are not followed.

This is why patients who buy sleeping pills in the USA are advised to follow precautions and dosage guidelines for optimum results. Approved online pharmacies like ours not only sell FDA approved brand and generic options, but also avail information resources to ensure that patients are comprehensively informed. This enables individuals to know what medication to purchase to treat their conditions, how to use the treatment to maximise benefits, what to be aware of in terms of side effects and how to avoid or limit risks.

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